120W 24LED Driving Light Bar 995mm 10° Pencil Beam


Input Voltage 10-30V DC

120W (24 x 5W High Intensity Cree™ LED’s)

12000lm raw Light Output with 10° Pencil Beam pattern

Dimensions: 995Lx57Hx69Dmm

IP67 Dust proof & resistant to temporary water immersion

Current draw 10A @ 12V, 5A @ 24V

Diecast black powdercoated aluminum housing

Zinc alloy brackets and stainless steel mounting hardware

Venta™ TXL9700L – TXL9704L Light Bars are a low profile, single row range with defined, penetrating pencil beam patterns that are often used as driving lights. Their low profile makes them easily mounted – whether on bullbars and bumpers, or recessed into a grille – with an attractive, tidy appearance being the result. And 12000 Lumens? Incredible light and range....


Price: $899.00


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